Vanessa (modgenie) wrote in karolinakxx,

hey.. my name is Vanessa, i'm 16 and i live in nyc and im kind of a new karolina fan.. actually, i live in the building in which Karolina used to live (i promise im not making this up.. i know how many people do that just to feel special, and lie about things like this lol).. i used to see her once in a while, but usually it was my dad that saw her because he's the manager of the building.. she moved about a month ago so yeah, i dont see her anymore lol... but i have some pictures that she autographed for me, they're sooo gorgeous!! so ill scan them in a bit and post them.. well, maybe, it seems that nobody is really posting around here anymore :/ so just let me know if anybody wants to see them :)
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